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Eidolon’s are one of my favourite parts of XIII. I was really disappointed to find out they weren’t in XIII-2, I felt that the signified each character.

I don’t really care about Lightning. My favourite character will always be Sazh.

It seems like all this fandom cares about is shipping while I’m probably the only one here excited for Lightning Returns…

I have Fang’s tattoo, and like her is on my left shoulder. And also I have the l’Cie mark (on my right shoulder, like Fang). They both means the world to me. FF XIII helped me in a really rough moment of my life. One year ago I was really emotionless, I have lost a loved one, and playing with Final Fantasy XIII (and FF XIII-2) helped me to cope the agony of my loss. It’s strange, I know.

As much as I’d like to I just can’t bring myself to like Vanille as all the bad things that happened are her fault. If she had just become Ragnorak with Fang in the first place like she was supposed to things would be the mess they are

I ship Hope with everyone at any age. He is just so damn shippable, the end

Sometimes I like the idea of a purely friendly love triangle between Hope, Vanille and Fang. I imagine it being Fang and Hope having a friendly competition for Vanille’s affections, and Vanille loves both of them so much she can’t really choose.

The game is even better and even 100 times more emotional if you read Episode Zero.

I don’t get the shipping wars. Like, I thought games were about the story, not of pairings. Ship a character with you want, but don’t make it this big debate or argument.