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I’ve been scrolling through the FFXIII tag for 30 minutes or so, and literally every confession I’ve seen, either here or from Final Fantasy Confessions, has been about shipping. Doesn’t anyone have anything better to talk about? What about the mythos? What about Lumina? What about revisiting old source material? Why does every fan-base ever have to devolve into who’s fucking who?

I wish we got to see Hope’s dad during XIII-2, even if a brief cameo. I would like to see the change in his relationship with Hope from XIII, to XIII-2.

I would’ve liked to see some development of Snow and Serah’s relationship. I feel if we saw their relationship grow through the game like Tidus and Yuna from X, Cloud and Aeris from VII, there’d be more fans.

I would’ve liked to see more of the FFXIII novels about Hope’s life and his relationship with Nora and Bartholomew. I just think outside Lightning and the others, his parents had a very strong influence on him throughout the game, but half of us don’t see or consider this.

I really hope Lightning will be able to help Noel come to his senses in LR. I’d really like for him to be a guest party member.

I don’t know if I want to buy Lightning Returns, as all the original characters, minus Lightning, aren’t playable and have changed dramatically but not for good. I’m sad that Snow has changed drastically because he was one of my favourite characters, know he becomes an enemy you face. I miss the XIII days if I’m honest.

XIII is one of my favourite ever games. I feel like the cut scenes and the really good storyline made you feel connected to the character. You feel more like more apart of the story and you get emotionally connected to the story.
Where is the rules page

You can find the FAQ link at the right. Thank you.

Eidolon’s are one of my favourite parts of XIII. I was really disappointed to find out they weren’t in XIII-2, I felt that the signified each character.

I don’t really care about Lightning. My favourite character will always be Sazh.